Our Team

The attorneys who work at KYMP are experienced, sophisticated and resourceful. Our approach to the practice of law is client-focused and results-driven. We work collaboratively to ensure that the unique skills and background of every lawyer at KYMP are brought to bear for the benefit of our clients.

Justin Kaplan_sq

Justin B. Kaplan

June 7, 2016

Derek Young_sq

Derek R. Young

June 6, 2016

Lorenzo Moll Parron_sq

Lorenzo Moll Parrón

June 5, 2016

Matthew Sarelson_sq

Matthew Seth Sarelson

June 4, 2016

Juan Carlos Planas_sq

Juan-Carlos “J.C.” Planas

June 3, 2016

Jessica Haayen_sq

Jessica H. Gravante

June 2, 2016


About the Firm

KYMP is a boutique, Miami-based law firm committed to offering extraordinary service to our clients. We are experienced, dedicated and approachable professionals, who pride ourselves on providing our clients with guidance that is as sophisticated as it is practical.